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An Experienced Divorce Attorney Can Ease Your Burden

Divorce is a highly-emotional time during which you come face to face with many important decisions that can affect you personally and financially for years to come. When your divorce involves children or significant assets, it is crucial to have an attorney on your side to protect your rights and safeguard your future stability. Our trusted family law attorneys understand how stressful worrying about complex property division matters, asset and debt assignments, child custody arrangements, spousal maintenance, and child support issues can be during this difficult time.

At Anna K. Murray & Associates, P.C., we can alleviate your anxiety and help you confidently navigate through the critical aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Property division: Fair and equitable split of your real property, automobiles, recreational vehicles, art collections, furniture, business interests
  • Asset and debt assignments: Accurate valuations of investments, stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, credit card debt, mortgages
  • Child custody and visitation: Parenting time and visitation arrangements focused on the best interests of your child
  • Child support: Balancing your child’s needs with state guidelines to ensure your child’s well-being is not compromised
  • Spousal support: Narrowly granted for a spouse who is unable to support himself or herself due to a disability or for a limited rehabilitative purpose, such as for education to re-enter the workforce

We do our utmost to help you reach peaceable agreements with your spouse by negotiating settlements out of court. We will help you through alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options such as mediation. This saves you time, money and mental anguish. However, when we cannot reach a suitable solution for you this way, we will present an aggressive on your behalf in court.

The Skill You Need For Managing Your Divorce

Do high-asset concerns complicate your divorce? The court determines how to equitably split your debts and assets if you and your spouse cannot agree on your own. Many people think that an equitable distribution is a 50/50 split. However, there are occasions when this is not the case. Assets and debts that are not subject to your divorce include your premarital property or debt, student loans, and inherited assets, among others. The distribution of assets can also be influenced by the earning capacity of the parties in some situations.

Dividing your assets fairly and equitably is critical to your future stability. It can also be vital to the future of your social and business reputation. Our firm has the knowledge and resources you need for accurate valuations and vigorously shielding your entitlement to:

  • Retirements benefits
  • Pensions
  • Portfolio of stocks, bonds and other investment accounts
  • Stake in a family business
  • Corporate shares

If your spouse is veiling assets in offshore accounts or business entities you are not aware of, we can help you pursue the actual value of the marital assets you have a right to include in your divorce.

Get Started On Your Next Chapter; Call For Free Consultation

We can assist you in a variety of ways with your divorce, legal separation or annulment. If you and your spouse can agree to the terms, we can help you by preparing the paperwork necessary to have your divorce granted for a flat fee. If you and your spouse do not agree, we will protect your rights. Email us or call (812) 725-7533 to schedule your free consultation. We help clients throughout Flloyd county.