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Divorce can be one of the most stressful times of life. The end of the marriage also brings about changes in living arrangements, finances and even parenting.  

Review this list of must-dos and actions to avoid as you navigate divorce proceedings. These tips will ease the transition and help you land gracefully on the other side. 

Do disclose property and assets 

Some people try to hide aspects of their finances during divorce, whether to avoid dividing certain property or limit the amount of awarded spousal support. If the court discovers these actions, the deception will significantly extend the divorce proceedings and your associated legal costs. 

Do not face divorce alone 

Even when the end of your marriage has been relatively cordial, you can benefit from the services of legal professionals and others who may be of assistance during this time, such as a financial planner or therapist. These people can provide counsel and ensure decisions are in your best interest and in accordance with Indiana state law.  

Do consider the best interests of your children 

Although a fresh start may seem tempting, avoid making major decisions such as an out-of-state move. Additional changes can cause turmoil for your children as they adjust to the new family situation. When making decisions about child custody, think about what best serves the healthy and happy development of your kids rather than the desires of either parent. 

Do not overshare on social media 

While it can be tempting to put the details of your divorce on your Facebook page when emotions are running high, avoid doing so. Not only will you likely regret hashing out your marriage in such a public space, but your ex-spouse can also share any posts you make with his or her legal defense. By the same token, avoid sending unnecessary texts or emails to your former spouse. Be friendly and businesslike in communication and speak to each other only as necessary. 

These four tips provide a foundation for a divorce process that preserves your well-being. Focus on moving forward with your life in a positive way and advocating for your own interests.