Brain Injuries

Brain injuries can be extremely serious, and are often overlooked. Did you know that a concussion is a brain injury? Did you know that it is not necessary to have an impact to your head to have a brain injury? Luckily, the majority of brain injuries heal and do not lead to permanent impairments. However, sometimes brain injuries do not heal and can lead to serious complications for the rest of your life.

Anna Murray is a member of the Traumatic Brain Injury Litigation Group of the American Association of Justice, and works extensively with prominent brain injury attorney Kenneth Goldblatt of the Orthopedic and Brain Injury Law Group in New York.

Brain injury cases require complicated and expensive medical examinations and expert witnesses to explain to a jury how brain injuries lead to problems with social interactions, reduced career spans, reduced life expectancy, increased rates of suicide, earlier onset of dementia and associated long-term care expenses, along with many other aspects which will vary for each person dependent on numerous factors such as the type and location of brain injury and pre-dispositional medical issues such as prior brain injuries, genetic history of alzheimers or dementia, etc.

A negative CT scan, or even a negative MRI result does not mean there is not a brain injury. CT scans only show the most severe brain injuries, and there are different types of MRIs with varying degrees of sensitivity and ability to see damage to the brain. There are also newer types of testing, such as DTI, PET and SPECT imaging which can be done to visualize changes to the brain.

If after an accident you notice in yourself or your loved one any unusual changes, there is a possibility that there may have been an injury to the brain.

For more information about dealing with brain injuries in Kentuckiana, including local support groups, visit the Brain Injury Alliance of Kentucky's website.

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