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If you are facing criminal charges, you are looking at the possibility of jail, fines, points on your license, loss of your license and a criminal record, which could affect your future employment prospects, gun ownership rights and right to vote. In such serious circumstances, you should hire someone who is ready to go to bat for you and help you through your situation as best as possible.

We handle all types of criminal cases, from minor consumption charges to serious felonies.

New Indiana Criminal Code Revisions

Effective July 1, 2014, Indiana now has a completely new criminal code for charges, sentencing and credit time. Every member of our team has undergone training on this new system and is equipped to help you navigate the new landscape for criminal charges. These laws are not retroactive, and crimes committed prior to July 1, 2014 will still be handled under the old set of laws.

To Plea or Not to Plea?

Depending on your circumstances, sometimes it is best to accept a plea offer. These are the types of situations where you know there is sufficient evidence for you to be convicted. In that type of case, your best bet will be to work out an agreement that matches your goals- which may be to stay out of jail, or to avoid fines, dependent on your situation.

If you are not guilty, you should not accept a plea. You should take your case to trial if the prosecutor is unwilling to dismiss your case and you are innocent.

Anna Murray and Bryan Abell have successfully handled numerous OWIs (Operating While Intoxicated, also commonly known as a DUI), along with a plethora of other misdemeanors and felony charges, including assault, battery, intimidation, invasion of privacy, criminal recklessness, possession of illegal substances and paraphernalia, dealing, manufacturing illegal substances, robbery, burglary, molestation, resisting law enforcement, habitual traffic violators, and all kinds of other crimes.

We practice criminal law in Southern Indiana, including Clarksville Town Court, Clark County, Floyd County, Crawford County, Harrison County and Scott County. We occasionally travel to Washington County and Jefferson County, Indiana. Get advised of your rights and best possible defenses in your case to get the best possible outcome.

Our office returns calls promptly and keeps in touch with you regarding the status of your case on a regular basis. We will travel to meet with defendants who are currently incarcerated, if needed. We can work with bond assignments and payment plans, although to qualify for a payment plan you must provide proof of employment, and you must still be able to pay a retainer up front. Most importantly, we will fight vigorously on your behalf.


In Indiana, expungments were previously only allowed to be granted if your charges were dismissed because of mistaken identity, no offense was in fact committed, or there was an absence of probable cause. However, effective July 1, 2013, the expungment law was changed to allow expungements of certain misdemeanor and felony charges under certain circumstances. The expungement law was amended again March 25, 2014.

To allow criminals who have cleaned up their act to make it easier to obtain employment, Indiana has amended its laws and now allows you to expunge your records. Certain crimes are not eligible for expungement, including sex offenses, offenses committed against a child or crimes of violence. Also, to be eligible for expungement, you must have had no other convictions or violations in the applicable time frame (5 years for misdemeanors and Level 6 or D Felonies reduced to misdemeanors, and 8 years for other felonies) or currently pending charges. If you qualify, then your expungement will be granted by the court.

You can only file one petition to expunge your record in Indiana in your lifetime, and if you have convictions in multiple courts, you have one year to file petitions in all courts to have your record entirely expunged.

There is also a separate process for expunging arrest records if the charges against you were dismissed because you were not in fact guilty. You have to wait one year from dismissal before you can utilize this process.

Please contact our office to determine whether you are eligible for expungement at this time and we can help you through the process.

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